quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2011

GOATOIMPURITY - "Triumph of Darkness" CD Out Now!!!

GOATOIMPURITY - "Triumph of Darkness" CD Out Now!!!

Summoning the Nekro Aura of Ancient Blackness, these chilean doomsayers channel the Desecration and Unpure Devotion thru
the Uttermost Ceremonial and Bestial Black/ Death Metal.
This Goatical Masterpiece brings 12 rites including "Metal of Death" BEHERIT's cover for the true worshippers of dark flame!!!

Available For:
USD 10.00 - world (shipping isn't included!!!)

Labels and Distros summon us for wholesale prices and selective trades!

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  1. Very Soon, Cai Cai Vilu Zine #3, Interview to: Goat Impurity, Weapon, etc. Cai Cai Vilu Zine #2 in Distribution, for trade. http://cultoalchivo.blogspot.com