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GOATFAGO (Denmark) - "True Occult Astronomy Part II" CD Out Now!!!

GOATFAGO (DENMARK) - "True Occult Astronomy Part II" CD out now!!!!

1 – Sundown in Memory of Prime Nova Regula
2 – Triumph of The Bell Via Red Mercury
3 – Map of the Universe with Venus in Center
4 – The Hollow Voice of Dead Earth
5 – Inside the Face on Mars
6 – Praised Be Externum Jupiter Claves
7 – At Necros Saturn Morbus Exos
8 – Populated by Seven Goats of Uranus
9 – Pluto Yuggoth of Black Stone and Death

"Beware! This is not music for the faint-hearted bastards...
GOATFAGO mongers recite 9 Occult Necromantikal litanies to putrefy the holy womb of light.
Don't wait for nice melodies, neither digital modern poser Black Metal fallacy.
Just drown yourself into chaotic harsh tunes of bizarre and grotesque.
A Cursed Lo-fi Ritual Noise!!!!

Available for:
USD 10.00 - World (shipping isn't included!!!)
Labels & distros summon us for wholesale prices and selectives trades!!!


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