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Still Hot!
* CULTUS FUNERIS (Brazil) - "Revertere ad Locum Tuum" Full-length CD. USD 10.00!!!
Atmospheric Nekromantikal Black Metal! Co-release with PAGAN WAR DISTRO

Out Now!!!
* VIS ABSOLUTA (USA/ Brazil) - "Skullcrusher Deathsquad" CD. USD 10.00
Skullcrushing Black War Metal Machine with members of BITTER PEACE and SEGES FINDERE.

Available releases:

* EXEQUY (USA) - "The Adversary Edict/ Architect of Subjugation" CD. USD 10.00
Evil Bestial Black/ Death Metal to Mutilate your Flesh, Break your Bones and Delete your uselless Souls.
Criminally recommended for worshippers of Conqueror, Revenge, Bestial Warlust only.

* SEGES FINDERE (Brazil) - "As Wolves We Kill" CD. USD 10.00 
A commemorative release for the 15th year of Bestial War Metal Kommando, it includes a Sarcófago cover.

* GOATOIMPURITY (Chile) - "Triumph of Darkness" CD. USD 10.00
Summoning the Nekro Aura of Ancient Blackness, GOATOIMPURITY channels the Desecration and Unpure Devotion thru its Ceremonial and Bestial Death/Black Metal.
This Goatical Masterpiece brings 12 rites including "Metal of Death" Beherit's cover for the true worshippers of dark flame!!!

* GOATFAGO (Denmark) - "True Occult Astronomy Part II" CD. USD 10.00
These Wild Boar mongers recite 9 Occult Necromantikal litanies to putrefy the holy womb of light.
Don't wait for nice melodies, neither digital modern poser Black Metal fallacy.
Just drown yourself into chaotic harsh tunes of bizarre and grotesque.
A Cursed Lo-fi Ritual Noise!!!!

SOLD OUT releases:
* SEGES FINDERE (Brazil) - "Dessemitize" LP.  
Vinyl version of Bestial War Metal released by Elegy Recs. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies!

E-mail: deathcamprecords@hotmail.com

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