sexta-feira, 28 de abril de 2017


Out Now!!!

* SONDERKOMMANDO (Finland) - "Kuoleman Pataljoona" CD. Finnish Grind Warnoise!!! No Fuckin' Tolerance!

* MORTUS (Brazil) - "Da Carniça ao Pó" CD. Nekro Death/ Black Metal!!! 

Next releases:

* TYRANNICVS (Brazil) - "Aeterna Lux Mithrae" CD. Bestial Occult War Metal! 

* UNSALVATION (Finland) - "Swansong of Zion"CD !

* SCHIZOPARANOIC PLATOON (Greece) - "Subhuman Extinction" CD. Bestial Antihuman WarGrind!!!

* PHOSPHORE BLANC (France) - "Xenophobos" CD. 
Forged in Atomic Hate and Furious Despise rises PHOSPHORE BLANC from Putrefied France to Unleash its debut Full length.
Just wait for Intolerant War Metal. No melodies, No posers, No Mainstream shit!

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